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Bony Shoulders? – How to Add Mass to Bony Shoulders

While bony shoulders are a real pain, they are a problem that can be remedied. By gaining mass and building muscle you’ll be able to round off and cover up any sign of your bony shoulders.

Weight Training

If you haven’t already, then you’ll need to make weight training a major part of your workouts in order to get rid of your bony shoulders.

Lifting weights are the single best way to build muscle and cover over any “pointy” bits that are sticking out on your body. Regular lifting will not only make you stronger but will also increase your confidence, and make finding clothes that fit a heck of a lot easier.

If you’re naturally slim, then you’ll need to stick to a good weights program specifically designed for the skinny guy “hardgainer”, which will typically recommend working out 3 times per week and focusing on compound exercises like Bench Press, Bent Over Rows and Barbell Curls.

These exercises are ideal for building mass on bony shoulders as they increase the surrounding chest and back muscles too.

Haven’t Got Access To A Gym? – Try Push-Ups

Over the years I’ve been met with a lot of skepticism when I talk about the value of push-ups as a mass building exercise. In these days of pills, drugs, powders, and expensive gym memberships, the humble push-up is just not considered “sexy” enough to make the grade.

I’m a little more old-school and, while weight training is THE best way to gain muscle mass and cover boney shoulders, I know that many folks for whatever reason don’t have access to a gym. This is where the humble push-up comes into its own.

The push-up is still probably the best non-weight based upper body exercise. If you’re inexperienced start off with small numbers like 10 or so, but make sure your last one is almost impossible to do.

Perform them 3-4 times per week, and each time try to perform one or two push-ups more than the last time. Before long you’ll be doing hundreds per day and see a massive difference in your appearance and shoulder width.

By inclining your feet so they are off the ground, you can increase the effort on your upper chest, shoulders and trapezius muscles.

Make push ups a regular part of your exercise routines and I guarantee you’ll see a massive difference in your body size, and will finally cover over those bony shoulders.

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