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Healthy Sources of Protein

Protein is made of amino acids, which are said to be the basic building blocks of your muscles. For those who are into bodybuilding or any similar fitness program, at least about a gram or two of protein per pound of your body weight is needed daily. Protein powder shakes and bars become a part of the diet of athletes and bodybuilders to fill in their daily nutrition needs.

Protein is found in many of the foods that you see everyday. If you need to add more of this element to your daily meals, here are some of the natural protein sources you need to keep in mind.

Eggs always come up on top of the list when talking about muscle building. It is one of the cheapest natural sources of protein. Eggs have low amount of calories, so you can have one per day. It is also a versatile ingredient since it can be cooked in many ways. It can be cooked and consumed on its own or boiled and sliced to be added into a salad of greens.

Chicken and other white meats are always suggested as protein source, too, because they are much leaner than lean dark meats, which are naturally high in fat content. However, you need to stay away from the skin of poultry meats as it’s also very high in fat content. Take the skin off before cooking, since the skin’s fat can go into the white meat and all the other ingredients of the dish that you’re preparing.

Even healthier than chicken and other white poultry are fish and seafood. These are top choices for protein-rich foods, since they are very low in fat. No need to worry about tuna, mackerel, salmon, and other fish that contain fat since it’s omega-3 fatty acid – something that’s beneficial to your health.

Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt also contain high sources of protein, as well as calcium. Taking their low fat forms would even be better. They don’t only help promote muscle-building but also keep your bones strong.

Soy is another recommended source of this element. It can even help decrease cholesterol levels. It also comes in different forms like milk, tofu, and soy nuts. Even protein powder drinks and bars use soy as a main ingredient.

Taking in the proper amount of protein can definitely help your goals in your bodybuilding or fitness program. It would be ideal to check with your physician or dietitian about sample meal plans and correct amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that would be best for you.

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