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How Training Your Legs Affects Training Your Upper Body

Men, lets not lie here. For most men, a prominent display of a powerful chest, strong arms, wide back, and low body fat, has alpha male written all over it right? Since looking good in a tight shirt can help bring the ladies around, lets not even worry about doing legs anymore, I mean you can always cover up with some jeans right? Well what if training your legs had a direct impact on training your upper body? Studies show that overall fitness can be increased due to leg training.

Testosterone is a powerful muscle building hormone found more in men than women. This hormone is responsible for increasing muscle size and strength, as well as decreasing overall body fat. When you train smaller muscle groups such as the biceps or calves, testosterone is released to help aid in muscle recovery which increases strength and muscle size over time. But only a small percentage of testosterone is released for these smaller muscle groups. Larger muscle groups, such as the chest and back, require more testosterone to be released into the system to recover the larger area and stress these bigger muscles have created.

The quadriceps are the largest muscles in the human body, and therefore require an increased amount of testosterone to recover. Throughout the course of a week, for example, without training legs you would not reap the benefits of your body’s full production of testosterone. Training the legs will increase your overall muscle size, not just the legs, and can help you to lose a little more body fat when your cutting up.

So next time you think that you can just cover up those chicken legs, remember that you could be bigger, stronger, faster, and leaner if you would just take one day out of the week for some good leg training. If not for the legs, do it for the rest of your body.

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