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What Exactly Is Heart Rate Training?

What Exactly is Cowboy Ryan’s Heart Rate Training?

Heart rate training is the key to losing fat and building muscle. It is the proper way to get your body in shape and get you feeling great. Fat loss training involves using a heart rate monitor, which will track your pulse via a small sensor in a chest strap you wear while working out. How high or low your pulse is, is a great indicator of how hard you are working out. In order to get the most results and make your workout more efficient you need to train in your zones. It’s usually between sixty and eighty percent of maximum heart rate. Your zone depends on your activity level and age.

Working out below your zone doesn’t push your body enough. You are not working hard enough to burn fat. Working out below your targeted zone does not train your heart appropriately. This will only lead to minimal results.

Many people get in the, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to actually start working out!” mindset and then go to the gym and push their bodies as hard as they can. Do not do this! When you workout above your target zone and stay there you start to burn through your lean muscle mass instead of the fat you want to get rid of. It will lead to unnecessary muscle and joint soreness. Also, it becomes increasingly harder to return your heart rate to the correct rate the longer you stay above your zone. You are straining your heart if you continuously workout above your zone. When you do this type of training you should stop and let your heart rate come down when and if it gets too high.

Now that you understand the importance of staying in your zone while exercising, you should understand how to push yourself just enough to shock your body and help accelerate fat loss. It is okay to push yourself and stay above your target zone for a minute or two. This pushes your body to the max. Doing this once in a while will train your heart to pump harder and faster and eventually lead to a higher tolerance, allowing you to workout harder and longer without becoming fatigued.

Don’t become discouraged and run back to the couch when you try heart rate training and end up constantly sky rocketing above your zone and becoming extremely fatigued. This is normal. If you have not been working out or even if you do work out on a normal basis, but don’t train in your target heart rate zone your body is not used to being pushed in that way. It will take time, but if you keep at it your heart will eventually learn how to tolerate the exercise and it will become easier. So in the beginning, aim for the lower end of your target heart rate zone and work your way up.

This type of training is a very efficient way to workout and a great way to get started, get results, and get in shape. However, one must do it correctly or you may end up doing more damage than good. Stay in your zone mentally and physically! Find the mindset to push yourself hard enough to get started and get in that target heart rate zone, but know when to pull back and give your body a break until you are ready for the next level.

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