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Why Protein is Important For Bariatric Surgery Patients

As with all surgery, bariatric surgery is a serious thing and should only be undertaken after recommendation by a physician. Should you be among those considering this procedure, you should learn all you can beforehand so you know the exact nature of the surgery and the possible complications that could result.

The post-bariatric surgery diet will likely be very different from anything you’ve had previously. Your eating habits will change entirely. You will have to avoid foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates, while still getting plenty of protein. The need for protein is especially vital after surgery because it promotes tissue recovery, but even long after the surgery is over, protein will be a powerful source of energy and a booster for your immune system. This new diet will include having three meals per day, along with snacks between meals that are healthy and packed with protein.

Where the Bariatric Surgery Patient Gets Protein

Consult your physician to be sure your diet is something that will meet your nutritional needs. For the post-bariatric surgery patient, a diet high in protein will surely be recommended. Not all protein is the same, however. Some will cause allergic reactions in certain patients while being the best possible choice for others. The types of protein that are most commonly used are egg, casein, soy, rice and whey.

Protein from Your Diet

A common and simple source of protein is beans. It doesn’t really matter what kind of beans, either. Soy, kidney, pinto or baked beans will all serve just as well to supply you with protein. Red meat is also high in protein, but in general, beans will have more protein in proportion to an equal quantity of red meat. Whichever option you choose, they are both healthy and great-tasting choices to give you all of the protein you will need.

Poultry and eggs can also supply you with a healthy amount of protein. Just remember that the white meat is preferable to dark meat, since dark meat has a much higher fat content. Only three ounces of breast meat supplies over 25 grams of protein, which is almost half of the daily recommended amount. Another excellent way to get the protein that you need is through fish, which is also low in carbohydrates and saturated fat.

There is a lot of protein to be found in dairy products as well. Whey is a common base of protein supplements. Dairy protein comes in many forms, from a glass of milk to a bit of cheese to some yogurt, or any other healthy food that is made from milk.


Many bodybuilders and athletes swear by whey as being a great source of protein. Since it is so quickly and easily digested, whey helps to rebuild muscles after workouts. Keep in mind that whey is derived from milk, so anyone with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance should stay away from these supplements.


Casein is also a dairy product – whey is actually made from casein, as a byproduct of cheese-making. Casein is also popular as a protein source. It takes longer for the body to assimilate it, but it also lasts longer. Not only is casein a complete protein, but even some lactose-intolerant people have reported taking casein with no ill effects whatsoever.


Those who have allergies or lactose intolerance will love soy as a source of protein. It is entirely made from soy bean products, which makes it perfect for vegetarians. Soy protein is also utterly free of saturated fats and cholesterol – it is considered one of the safest sources of protein available, although some have reported digestive problems. Like casein, soy is also considered to be a complete protein.


Rice protein contains no gluten and is low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates. All of these factors make it another great choice for those with allergies and the lactose-intolerant. It is also a great choice for vegetarians. Rice protein often comes in powdered form, so it can be made into shakes or smoothies or even added seamlessly to your favorite recipes. Rice protein supplements are made from brown rice, and rice is a complete protein, containing all of the essential and non-essential amino acids.


Just about everyone has seen some movie or television bodybuilder chugging down a few raw eggs from a glass. Before protein supplements were available to the public, eggs were what were used. Fortunately, we don’t have to resort to that practice today. A protein supplement made from egg protein provides all of the egg protein that you could ever need without the danger of becoming violently ill after swallowing several raw eggs. Of course, people who are allergic to eggs or chicken should avoid egg protein supplements.

Protein Supplements for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Following a bariatric procedure, adhering to a healthy diet is especially important to ensure proper weight loss. The diet should be strictly followed, with a high protein content so that the patient’s metabolism and energy level can be maintained on a good deal less food.

Protein supplements come in so many different varieties, there is sure to be something for everyone. Do you love chocolate? There are chocolate protein bars that are not only delicious, but packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that you’ll need to keep going through your day. There are other forms you can get your protein in as well, including powders, liquids, protein shots and capsules.

Protein Powder: A busy day needs a protein solution that is quick and easy. Protein powder is perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle. There are protein powders that can be made into shakes, powders that can be made into smoothies or powders that can be blended into different recipes.

Liquid Protein: This type of protein supplement is perfect for shakes and smoothies. Some types can just be drunk as is. They can be used after workouts to aid in muscle recovery or to replace a meal entirely. These are especially well-suited for those on a liquid diet.

Protein Shots: These little drinks will supply twenty-five to thirty grams of protein each and give you a boost of energy at a fraction of the cost of energy drinks. They come in a variety of great fruit flavors.

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