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Best Workout to Get Ripped – The Mason Twist!

As we all know there are many workouts out there that guarantee you that you’ll be ripped by sundown, but when you attempt them they simply leave you without any results. Are you tired of trying to find out what is the best workout to get ripped? I was too. I was so fixated on getting the best workout to ripped that I sometimes worked my body into some pretty intense muscle spasms. I finally found the one workout that when I attempted it, I saw results the next morning, and I certainly did feel those results.

The best workout to to get ripped is the…Mason Twist!

The Mason Twist is a extreme workout exercise that is great for opening up your oblique muscles (the muscles on the side of your stomach) and stretching your waistline. It is a really intense exercise for conditioning your abs, but it definitely builds muscle and pays off in the end.

The first thing you’re gonna have to do to begin the Mason Twist is get a mat and sit on it with your knees bent straight out in front of you. While you seated on your mat or floor, interlock your hands so that your hands are holding each other. With your hands clasped together, you rotate your body from one side to the other, and make sure that your legs that are straight out in front of you are slightly raised off the floor. Remember to keep your hips as stable as possible as you move from side to side and digging your hands into the ground as you rotate.

Try to get the knuckles of your hands to touch the floor as you rotate from side to side. Thats the key in getting the most out of the exercise. People often make this exercise even more challenging by adding a weight to the mix. While you rotate you could hold a weight in your hand to make the rotation harder to perform. You will really have to contract your abs to make sure you don’t wobble around.

Exhale when you twist toward the outside of your body, and inhale when you get to the center. I personally think that this is the best workout to get ripped because it is so intense and requires absolute focus as you do it. You have to set a goal as well as set a limit.

The Mason Twist is the best workout to get ripped!

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