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Chest Workout Routine – Get Ripped With Push-Ups

A chest workout routine is one of the most important parts to an exercise program. But many guys think that push-ups are a waste of time when you could be lifting heavy weights at the gym. Don’t fall into this mentality because push-ups will get you ripped and stronger.

If you are trying to put on mass or just get stronger there is something you must try. The 7 minutes of hell push-up challenge is one of the quickest ways to get a strong chest. The workout is as simple as doing 30 push-ups each minute for 7 minutes straight. This means that you only do 30 each minute, no more and try not to do any less. If you can get all 210 push-ups in 7 minutes you are considered to be in elite fitness status.

This does not take the place of all of your normal chest workouts. You can and should substitute it for 1 of your chest workouts each week. Give yourself at least 7 days of recovery time the first time you try it because you will need a lot of rest. This goes for you even if you can bench your own body weight 20 times.

It might sound very easy but wait until you try it. Once you get your time down, you can try for 35 push-ups each minute but that won’t be for a while. Good luck on your first attempt and don’t feel bad that you can’t get all 210 in 7 minutes the first time, nobody does.

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