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Enlarge Your Penis Naturally – I Bet Your Father Never Taught You How to Increase Your Penis Size!

The use of various massage and hand exercise techniques to enlarge the penis naturally has become known as jelqing. The origin of the word is still somewhat mysterious as there seems to be no explanation for the missing “u”! However, as most people believe that this ancient method to enlarge your penis naturally originates from the Middle East, this may well explain the unfamiliar spelling.

It appears that father’s would prepare their son’s for their first sexual encounter by teaching them the art of being able to increase penis size through exercise. Well, my dad never taught me anything like that! Others believe the word jelqing has been corrupted from a more common term used by college students for the word masturbation. I will allow you to draw your own conclusions.

However, whatever and wherever the origins are, jelqing has become America’s number one method to enlarge the penis naturally. By natural, i of course mean no outside interference. You simply need the use of your two hands, some lubrication and great routine to follow and some spare time each day.

There have been many experiments and research carried out on the effectiveness of jelqing. The most comprehensive of which was headed by Dr Brian Richards, whose findings were published by the British Journal of Sexual Medicine in the late 1970’s. Dr Richards took a group of men and prescribed certain jelqing exercises for them to complete. The results were quite phenomenal. 87% of men who took part had positive results and an increase in penis size. There was an average increase in length of 1.4 inches and 1 inch in girth.

A jelqing workout routine is fairly simple. A session should take no longer than 10-30 minutes on a daily basis, dependent on your experience. You should always warm up, prior to exercise. This is usually done by wrapping a warm towel or a towel that has been soaked in warm water around your manhood. This should help to increase blood flow and have your manhood adequately warmed up for your routine. Jelqing should always be carried out on a semi-erect penis. Never attempt any exercises when you are fully erect.

You should apply lubricant such as moisturizing cream or cocoa butter to your hands and member. The basics of the exercise involve you wrapping the fingers and thumb around your penis, starting from the base. The movement can be best be described as a “milking” motion, which will ensure that you force blood towards the tip of penis. Once again depending on your experience a jelqing session should consist of 100-250 of these milking movements.

Additionally, please remember when jelqing to increase penis size, you should not expect immediate miraculous results. Yes many men have managed to enlarge their penis naturally and add anywhere from 1-4 inches. However, this is through sheer dedication, proper technique, adequate rest and consistent action taken over a period of months and years.

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