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Enlarge Your Penis Naturally – My 5 Top Tips to Get a Bigger Penis

Why do you want to get a bigger penis? Is it because you have heard that bigger is better? Or perhaps you suffer constant embarrassment every time you undress in front of a woman or even the guys in the locker room. You may even of suffered the humiliation of a sexual partner ridiculing you for your size. Whatever the reason may be, rest assured that you are not alone as it is estimated that 99% of men would like to get a bigger penis.

In recent times the most popular method to make your penis bigger seems to be exercising. Men from all around the world have used used exercises to get a bigger penis for many hundreds of years. I myself use penis exercises and although i still have a fair way to go, i’m amazed by the positive results i have achieved. Along my journey i have learnt numerous things and these are my tips for using exercises to enlarge your penis naturally.

1) Kegel all day long – One of my favourite exercises has to be the kegel. Although the kegel will not directly make your penis bigger, it is an integral part of your exercise regime. Kegels are performed by squeezing your PC muscle. This is the muscle you squeeze to stop yourself from peeing. A fantastic exercise that helps with your stamina and staying power and can be performed anytime and anywhere.

2) Watch your diet – In order to enlarge your penis naturally you need to increase the blood flow to your manhood. Although all exercises will promote higher blood flow, you can help this process along yourself. Avoid junk foods and foods high in fat and sugar. These will simply constrict the flow of blood around your body and eventually clog your arteries.

3) Be patient – One of the most important things about exercising to make your penis bigger is you must be patient. This is not a process where you can expect to grow a massive member in days. It will take time and dedication on your part. Many guys notice improvement in their penis strength and power within the first few weeks of exercising. Growth will usually start after this in the second and third months. If you can continue for many more months and even years you can expect an increase of anywhere from 1-4 inches in penis size.

4) Don’t go it alone – Although there is enough information online about penis enlargement to keep you reading for the rest of your life, not all of it can be considered accurate and informative. The only way to get around this and ensure you are following the right advice is to purchase and follow a well established penis enlargement exercise program. Some of the top programs can be acquired for under $50 and contain a wealth of information. Better to be safe than sorry!

5) Pick the best time to exercise – Performing these exercises needs privacy and about 15-20 minutes a day. Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Pick a time of the day to exercise and never waiver from that. One of the most important aspects of exercising to make your penis bigger is that you are consistent. If your exercise routine is sporadic, you may be sadly disappointed with the results. However, if you find YOUR perfect time of the day and stick with it, you will eventually get a bigger penis!

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