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Exercise Routines to Lose Weight Fast – Basic and Effective Workout

Are you looking for exercise routines to lose weight fast?

All the hype surrounding various exercise programs makes it hard for us to choose the right one.

It is best to get back to the basics if we want a no nonsense workout that produces results.

Time must be taken into consideration as we are all leading busy lives. The following exercise routines can be customized according to your own schedule.

Get your heart pumping and your legs moving
Brisk walking or simply taking a stroll for at least 30 minutes daily is a good cardiovascular workout. Increase your pace and distance as you will find it more challenging and intense as you progress. You can also do step ups using the stairs and alternate it with walking outdoors especially when the weather is not all too good. This is one of the essential exercise routines to lose weight fast, so invest in a good pair of rubber shoes.

Your upper body needs attention too
Standard push-ups for men may be strenuous especially for women who are starting out. A modified set up is to basically push up from the knees to the arms rather than carrying weight on your hands and feet. Bicep curls can also be done by using water bottles or jugs instead of dumbbells. Curl one arm at a time to form an arc pointing to your shoulder while being conscious of both the lifting and lowering movement.

Set a schedule and stick to it
Plan your day ahead and make sure to include your exercise routines accordingly. Variety in repetitions and incorporating creativity to your workouts will make it less boring and definitely an activity to look forward to. Substitute activities such as biking, hiking and dancing for your cardio workout. Rearranging furniture and organizing your closet are activities that can also make use of your upper body more.

Listen to your body as you start with exercise routines to lose weight fast. Do not over exert yourself and be patient as you begin your weight loss journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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