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Hockey Workouts For 12-14 Year Old Players – Off-Ice Training to Help Young Teens Dominate the Ice

Hockey workouts should be something every young teen player looking to make an impact on the ice should be doing, yet very few ever do. Generally speaking, only the kids playing at the very top elite levels will focus on physical training, and even then it’s not as common as it should be. The fact is though, no matter what level a young player is playing at, hockey specific physical training will help them meet their full potential and reach their goals on the ice. Here are some tips to consider for any young teen looking to start an off-ice training program.

Understand the unique needs of young teens:

Young teens bodies aren’t yet quite as developed as the bodies of older teens and adult players. By the time a player is 15 or 16 years old, their bodies are developed enough to do the same workouts as an adult player would. However, prior to that, doing an adult workout can actually hinder their progress and comes with a high risk of injury. The key is to get the young player on a workout program that is specifically tailored to their age group. This offers all the benefits of physical training, with complete safety.

Make sure the workouts are enjoyable for the teen:

Young teens don’t generally have the discipline to stick to a workout routine they don’t find enjoyable simply because they know it will get them results on the ice. Forcing them might also result in burnout or loss of interest, which can kill the love of the game. The key is to make the workouts simple and enjoyable so that the young player doesn’t dread their off-ice training. A great way to do this is to have the player workout along with one or more teammates. This way, their workout is a social experience and they won’t get bored, while also getting all the on-ice benefits that the workouts provide.

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