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Jelqing Tips To Maximize Penis Enlargement Gains

The jelqing exercise is a technique used by many men in an attempt to increase penis size. While men have had success with jelqing, there are a number of “catches” in regards to this penis enlargement technique.

Let’s first make some quick observations regarding the jelqing technique:

  • It takes time. Jelqing results can take a relatively long time to achieve. How long? This depends but usually you are looking at a 2-6 month period. Yes, some men report results in as little as a few weeks, but generally the real noticeable gains can take several weeks.
  • You are not going to magically grow an enormous penis. Some men think they will get huge from jelqing, and often this isn’t the case. But, many men don’t realize that even a 1 inch gain in size can look very significant, and can certainly bump them up from being small to average. Or it can make a guy go from average to above average. Visually it can make a noticeable difference, just don’t expect measurements to be “off the charts” size wise.
  • Many men go through a “trial and error” period the first few weeks before becoming comfortable with the exercise. Now there are ways to avoid this which we will go over, but just keep in mind it sometimes takes more than a few sessions to find your groove when it comes to performing jelqs properly.

So, with these disclaimers, how can we maximize penis enlargement results when doing the jelqing exercise? Here are ways to achieve the best jelq results possible in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Warming up and warming down. This is an often overlooked aspect to jelqing. Before starting the exercise you should take a warm to hot wash cloth and wrap it around your penis. This prepares you for the exercise. It gets the blood flowing. Otherwise you could spend 3 minutes or so jelqing just to get proper blood flow going. So you are losing time which could be spent towards growth efforts. After you complete the exercise, you want to focus on rest and recovery so the rebuilding and growth process can begin. Again we want to use the warm to hot hand cloth and wrap it around the penis. This relaxes the penis and sets it up for recovery and rebuilding which in the end leads to increased penis size.
  2. Following a proper jelqing routine. Remember above we mentioned how there is usually a trial and error period for most guys? This is usually caused by guys reading a few paragraphs on the internet on how to jelq, and then just jumping right in and trying to do it. Time and again the instructions will be too brief, will not include warm ups, and will not inlclude proper reps and sets. They will also lack the extra exercises that are used to complement the jelq exercise which leads to sped up and increased gains. By following an established routine which lays out everything you need to know and variations on technique, then you can jump right into jelqing and not have to worry about wasting 2-3 weeks getting the exercise right.
  3. Supplementation and pills. Many guys have tried various penis pills for male enhancement. These often don’t seem to work, or at best they give guys a temporary size increase. But in recent years there has been a trend to use penis pills in addition to doing the jelqing exercise and some men have reported that this seems to aid in gains. This may be an area for additional research if you truly want to maximize enlargement. But keep in mind you don’t have to research just branded based penis pills. Look into vitamins and natural herbs that assist in testosterone increases or natural growth hormone production. These can set the stage to maximize jelqing results, meaning both faster gains and greater size.

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