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Penis Enlargement Exercises – How to Enlarge the Head and the Testicles

Not a lot of men are aware of this, but there are various penis enlargement exercises that do not just focus on increase penile length and girth, but also focus on enlarging the tip of the penis and the testicles.

The tip is a primary part of a man’s penis. In fact, during sexual intercourse the tip is what stimulates the most pleasure. So, by enlarging the size of your tip through penis enlargement exercises, you can actually improve your sexual partner’s desire to have sex with you and feel more accomplished in bed, in general. If you are looking for penis enlargement exercises right now to enlarge the size of the tip of your penis, then you should look into needling.

Although needling shouldn’t be used as a replacement for other penis enlargement exercises in your routine, you can use it to focus on increase the size of the tip of your penis. It would be vital to point out that this exercise can only increase the erect size of the tip, though, and not its flaccid size. While following this exercise can still make flaccid gains, it isn’t the main focus of it overall.

Unlike other penis enlargement exercises out there, needling should be done during the cool down stage as opposed to after the warm up stage. The best place to add this exercise into your routine would actually be after right after you finish all of your other exercises and even after your entire cool down routine.

To do this exercise, you will need some lubrication. Once you have chosen a good lubricant, apply a generous amount of it onto the tip of your penis and get into a comfortable sitting position. Once there, slowly stroke your penis until you get an erection.

Once you have a full erection, take your left hand and warp it around your penile base while slowly increasing the pressure of your grip. Once you have a firm grip in place, take your right hand and place it under the tip of your penis – about 3 quarters up the penile shaft.

From there, you should keep moving your left hand up until it reaches the right hand. Make sure you never release the pressure of your grip throughout this entire exercise. Ideally, you should complete at least 10 to 20 repetitions of this exercise every day. As mentioned earlier, though, it should never take the place of any other exercise in your current penis enlargement routine.

As with needling, testicle treats is one of the penis enlargement exercises that focuses on more than the usual. In a nutshell, this exercise really focuses more on penile health, in general, and in increasing a man’s sperm count.

To do this exercise, you will need a warm towel and some lubrication. Once you have a warm towel and a good lubricant ready, you can wrap the warm towel around your testicles. This will soften up the skin and make it more flexible as a whole. Keep the towel on your testicles for around 5 minutes in total.

Once the 5 minutes are up, take your choice of lubricant and apply a generous amount of it around your testicles. Once you are properly lubricated, pull on your testicles in a slow and gentle manner, going in different directions. It would be of the utmost essence to be extremely gentle here. After all, your testicles are gentle organs overall. Keep pulling in different directions for around 2 minutes. To end the exercise, simply put some pressure on your testicles for around 5 minutes to make them relax and to put them at ease.

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